Jonathan Mitchell is a San Francisco based photographer specializing in Architecture, Interior, and Landscape Photography.

After growing up in a small town in Northern California called Grass Valley, Jonathan studied Industrial Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His first job out of school was in furniture design where he worked closely with the lead designer of Oakland based Pfeiffer Lab, doing anything from CAD work to building full scale mockups and prototypes. Branching off from there he freelanced with a few tech companies working on small power electronic devices in the solar and consumer space. Throughout this time, his passion for photography grew and whenever he had down time, Jonathan could be found shooting Bay Area landmarks, backpacking remote places in the Eastern Sierras or along the California coast in the wee hours of the night, shooting timelapse of the Milky Way. 

When he had time between his design jobs, he began taking on small Real Estate photography gigs for his wife and her colleagues. Shooting interior spaces combined with his enjoyment of waiting for just the right light to hit one of San Francisco's iconic bridges and buildings, Jonathan realized that architectural photography was the perfect space to integrate all of his skills and passions in one place. As someone who enjoys the details of artistic creation, modern design, and the way light can affect a certain mood- architectural and interior photography is the culmination of all the different roads leading to one.

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