Comprised of several trips throughout the year, this film documents lakes found along countless miles of summer backpacking, a surprise early snowfall in Yosemite, and the turning of fall colors in Inyo National Forest. Continually fascinated by the amazing scenery of the Eastern Sierra, I am sure this will be my first of many films documenting this diverse region of California's wilderness.

Discovery Timelapse Series

Throughout 2015 and 2016 I worked on a personal timelapse series I called Discovery. Tens of thousands of miles were driven, countless sleepless nights, and harsh weather condition across the western US in order to achieve my vision. 

Discovery III

Two years ago I started a journey into timelapse photography and in turn started this series Discovery. Working on this personal project has meant a lot to me. I wanted to push myself in both my creativity but also connect more with the outdoors.

Discovery III revisits familiar places from the first two films but also many new ones. A journey through the seasons from the lush waterfalls of Oregon to the fall colors of Colorado to remote alpine lakes and even snow covered Eastern Sierras.

Searching for a song is one of the most difficult things when making a film. You want it to complement the visuals and help move the story along. I settled on a song by Ryan Taubert called “Becoming Human”. The heavy orchestral component and flow of the song lended its self well for the combination of timelapse and aerial video.

Discovery II

The second of a three part series. 2015 has been an amazing year; I began shooting timelapse without really knowing what I was doing but kept at it as I failed and succeeded, learning along the way. I have met and shot alongside many local photographers whose great photography skills have helped me progress my own. I look forward to several inspiring trips planned for next year that will take me to new places and round out this series.

Discovery I

Timelapse photography is something that always interested me and about 6 months ago I began to seriously focus on it. Over this time I was on a mission to absorb as much information as I could. There were many frustrating times where I would return with nothing to show. This short film is a culmination of my beginnings in this art and I can’t wait to continue to explore.

Clouds of Iceland

At the start of 2015 I began my journey into timelapse photography. It had been on my mind since I picked up the camera a number of years ago. I made a few films throughout the year; a series titled “Discovery,” which were filmed throughout the West Coast. After putting these together, I really wanted to travel internationally- somewhere with unique landscapes that would be a challenging and exciting location for my first timelapse of 2016. With a great deal on airfare to Iceland, my wife and I saw our opportunity and the big trip I had been hoping for was scheduled. I knew Iceland was going to be exactly what I was looking for with it's vast landscapes and constantly changing weather.

Read more about our trip in my latest blog post here:

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